Hi, I’m Carolyn. If you’re reading this I guess you’ve been going through my box of photos. I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve found. I’m an adventurous soul who has followed my heart down a few different paths. I started out with dreams of being a scientist and studied Biology and Chemistry in college. Since then, I’ve been a scuba diving instructor and taught others how to hang out with the fishes, an English teacher in South Korea’s elementary schools, worked in retail, tried my hand in the commercial insurance, married a guy that refers to himself as a primate, and now stay home with my big bundle of happiness, aka Lovie, aka my sweet daughter Hayden . I love pretty much any activity that involves being creative. My big passion is photography, but I also knit, draw, paint, and even do my nails from time to time.

Over the last five years or so I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places. In the past two years I’ve been to Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia (sort of.) This was one of the biggest perks of working overseas. We’ve also had a honeymoon that basically equaled the most monumental vacation we will probably ever take. We started in Madrid and made our way across southern Europe, with stops in Barcelona, Marseille, Florence, Rome, Naples, Athens, Santorini, Kos, Rhodes, and the western coast of Turkey, ending in Istanbul. Wow, what a good time!!

I love animals. I have an Italian-Greyhuahua (Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix) named Lebowski, and she’s the cutest little puppy in the world. I’ve also got a big dumb beagle named Marzipan. Rounding out our menagerie is Goggledorf, our resident fatcat who thinks he runs the show.

That’s about everything anyone would need to know about me. If you want to know more you should sift through my box of photos and come to your own conclusions.

Baci. Annyeong. Auf wiedersehen. Au revoir. Ciao!

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