Today has been a pretty crazy day: run in the morning, trip to the department of public safety to take my written test to get a driving license in texas, a dentist appointment for a check up, doing some wedding things, then back out to practice for my driving test tomorrow. I’m not sure how I got all that done today. And tomorrow is looking just as busy, blarg. You may be wondering why I have to go through all the written and driving tests to get my texas license, I’m sure you have realized that I am not 16 years old. Well, it turns out that when you leave the country for 2 years and don’t drive subsequently not looking at your driver’s license, it may expire. Blarg, again. No biggie though, 93 per cent on my written test (Woot, woot!) and I feel pretty good about mastering the parallel park.

At any rate, all of this was to say that I didn’t have much time to blog today. So, I thought I would steal Charlie’s idea and share my all time favorite picture from our trips to Japan (at least for now, I still need to go through the rest of the photos from Tokyo)

If you want to check out more posts from our trips to Japan, my favorites are here, here, or here. Or you can just check them all out here. Go on, I know you want to. đŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “Japan

  1. Wow! This photograph is absolutely stunning! I’m getting wanderlust just looking at it. My friend went to Japan earlier in the year and said that it was fantastic!

    A visitor from the A-Z Challenge

    • Thank you! Every time I look at pictures from our trip now, I definitely get the urge to hop a plane and head back. Definitely a great vacation and an amazing place to visit.

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